Greens Cleaners for wash tank?

I’m curious about what products (if any) people are adding to their greens washing water, and where they source those products.

I’ve always just used potable water to wash greens, you just have to make darn sure you test your water often to prevent any contamination issues (when using well water).

Just to clarify, what would be the purpose of the cleaner? If it’s to prevent bacterial contamination/proliferation, you could just use chlorinated water, which is really cheap. I would make sure to check with Health Canada what the maximum allowed concentration can be. In the US it’s 200 ppm I believe.

EDIT: Never mind, found it here (100-150 ppm is suggested):

Thanks Denis! So far i’ve just used potable water as well, but I’m thinking of starting to use chlorinated water or Sanidate. I’ve heard of a lot of US growers using Sanidate, and wondered if anyone here had experience with it and where to source it. It would be a great alternative to chlorine.

The purpose would be to prevent bacterial proliferation / control growth of organisms that cause decay and spoilage.


A very timely post considering the Romaine lettuce e.Coli outbreak from Arizona.

Hey Ryan @clovercroftfarm! I’m curious what you ended using, if anything?