Glyphosate, Food and Health, the reason for ecological farming

Governments have been saying what you don’t know about your food won’t hurt you…a load of bunk being gradually debunked via independent scientific studies. Why haven’t these independent scientific investigations been done years ago? Of course, the best scientific study is done using humans instead of lab rats. Read the linked report for a concise summary annotated with references.

I think a huge part of the issue is that the bulk of the money that is directed toward academic research comes from the very corporations that stand to profit from solid research into the use of their products. Of course they’ll only fund the type of research that is likely to yield a beneficial outcome to their bottom line, so little money ends up getting funneled towards truly independent research.

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It is also very interesting that for the most part, the companies manufacturing the chemicals are also the same or related companies manufacturing food additives and over the counter vitamins and supplements. There are article published about the nutrient deficiencies in plants that are GMO and have had the chelating agent glyphosate sprayed on the food. The general public is unaware but maybe becoming more aware.