Garlic - separating cloves from bulbs

Hello, separating garlic bulbs into cloves by hand is tedious enough for up to a bushel. Are there any machines on the market that are used to separate large quantities?

Sure, but those are priiiicey! At a bushel it feels like you’ve got too much to do by hand, and too little to justify the cost of a splitter. Which is so often the case in small-scale agriculture. I really wish someone would make a hand crank model for the little guys.

You could check these guys out, they’re in Dundalk ON and do garlic-related machinery:

Or these through eBay if you don’t mind spending the money:

Many thanks Denis, really appreciate the info. I build machines too. The key thing mentioned in the link on ebay is they use rollers. Suggesting if I can get my hands on some soft surface rollers so as not to damage the cloves, I could build something that looks like the wringer on an old washing machine :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I had in mind in terms of a manual crank operated separator! Small scale farmers really needs more of these small scale/low price/high efficiency tools.

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Could you custom hire this through another grower with a unit?

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Hi Eric, I was just perusing the farmhack site and saw something that rang a bell from seeing your post back in the fall. This is about 6 months late but perhaps just in time to build in whatever downtime remains before the flurry of the season truly begins.

Thank you very much for the idea. The pictures of the parts are very helpful. I will try to build this in my next bit of spare time :wink: