For Sale 2 row potato planter index wheel assembly

I built this a couple years ago and used for planting potatoes for two seasons.
Two index wheels on 48 inch row centers
Manual push, or could be motor driven, but easy enough to push.
After creating the furrow(s), place potatoes in crate and push along. As the index wheels rotate, toss seed potato into hopper and wheel will space them on 16 inches apart. Made from welded aluminium frame and bicycle parts. Tiller steering, although once in a furrow, it follows the furrow because of the natural castor of the front wheels.
I built this for 48 inch spacing consistent with a 30 to 40 hp tractor and have potato rows far enough apart to avoid driving on the vines when hilling or scuffling.
Reason for selling: I have built a three row potato planter drawn behind a tractor, therefore I have no need for this index wheel.
Offering for sale at $500 or best offer.
Located near Stayner, Ontario.
email preferred
or 416-697-9965 phone or text.