Flame Weeder (for sale)

For sale is a 5-torch 30" wide flame weeder purchased from www.flameweeders.com in 2017. This model has two 12" wheels which straddle a 30" bed, a squeeze valve, and ball valve for pilot setting. Hook it up to a propane tank and you’re ready to burn.

I paid over $1100.00 in 2017 and have used it maybe five times, in perfect working order. Asking $750.00 OBO.



(not our exact unit, but similar model)


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where are you located?

why are you selling this?

We are in Mount Brydges, just south-west of London. I am selling because I rarely use it.

Thanks, a bit far away, Eric

This may not be the best thread to ask this in @andrew.e.meehan, but I’m curious what you use (if anything) instead of the flame weeder, or what drove you to decide it’s not worth using? I find it to be quite an efficient tool and often wished we had one when we had our farm (you should have seen the weed pressure in our fields…:sweat:).

Hey Denis,

I think the flame weeder is a great tool, but this particular unit hasn’t fit into our operation all that well. Our garden is relatively compact and I’ve struggled maneuvering it around our 50’ beds and in and out of tunnels. I think if we had 100’ beds and a bit more space it would see more use.

In its place we use a fair bit of landscape fabric - helps suppress weeds in transplanted crops (kale, chard, summer squash, etc.) that are in the ground for a longer time. We also use black plastic tarps for occultation prior to breaking into new plots and to cover the soil over the winter. As for cultivating direct seeded beds, I’ve started experimenting with a flexible steel leaf rake, dragging it directly over newly established crops (carrots, baby mustard greens, etc.) in the manner of a flex tine weeder. This does a fairly good job of disturbing annual cotyledons. Beyond that, we use a few different hoes and some spot hand weeding as needed.

All that said, I am interested in the flame weeder from Neversink Farm. It is smaller and therefore, I suspect, a more appropriate tool for a compact market garden like ours. If only someone would buy this one… ha ha!

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