Finding old parts

I was hoping someone knows an easier way to replace tractor parts, other than buying direct or manufactering my own. Like an old tractor junkyard, or something of the sort?

Not sure where you are in Ontario, however Fawcett sells new parts as well as used (they have a big agricultural junkyard). They are about 20 minutes away from me (London area). Here is the link, you can call and they’ll send a guy out to see if he’s got the part in the yard.

There’s also Stoneage in Huron County, but not sure if they sell parts (though they do have a large inventory of implements and tractors).

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Hi Jasmine,
Irrigation Plus said they have some used implements and parts for sale. We use March Bros Tractor Inc in Dundas, they have some used parts:

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Yes I also buy from Marsh Bros. in Dundas, good selection of used stuff there sitting in the yard.

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This is a great to have this forum. I am looking for a belly mounted cultivator for a Massey Harris Pony. I am going to try some of these links that have been recommended. If anyone has any other recommendations specifically for the tool I am looking for that would be swell.

I find there is a lot more of the belly-mounted implements available in the northern states (IN, OH, MI, NY), so you might want to have a look across the border, and it wouldn’t be too far to drive to grab one.