Farm items for sale, part 2

Hello all!

Here is an updated list of what we have left up for sale. We also have few more items we have added to the list that we forgot about the first time around. If interested, shoot us an email at:



Tractor 1964 MF 65, diesel, restored, in great working condition
Rotary cutter 5ft wide
Subsoiler Interchangeable ripper blade and goose foot
Rototiller Agric RTJ110, 1.10m/3.5ft working width


Walk-in cooler 10’x12’, dual-temp rooms, 8400BTU/hr comp.
Grow lights x4, Metal Halide lights, 400W
Space heaters x2, 1500W


Drip tape tubing (used) 5/8", 6 mil, 8" spacing, 8,000ft in 100ft lengths (in bulk)
Row marker DIY manual push/pull adjustable row marker, 1.10m wide
Germination chamber DIY temperature controlled seed germination chamber
Soil mix station DIY half drum on a 2x4 stand
2015-2016 vegetable seeds Type & Qty TBD


Display baskets Apple bushel baskets, plastic baskets, artisan baskets
Poly mesh bags x30, for onion/garlic storage, large size
Elastics x2 bags (approx. 6000) #10 rubber bands (small, thin)
Elastics x1 bag (approx. 3000) #14 rubber bands (medium, thin)
Elastics x3 bags (approx. 1000) #63 rubber bands (medium, thick)
Elastics x3 bags (approx. 700) #82 rubber bands (medium, very thick)

@manorunfarm- grow lights??

Ya I have 4x 400W lights that run off of 110V (but can be setup to work on 220V as well). Here’s a photo.

Any pictures of your cooler? Could save a lot of time making a new one.

Sorry @danielkfuller, sold it last spring! But it could be fun making one, not to mention a lot cheaper! I researched that a bunch at one point, let me know if you have any questions about it!

Oh well thanks anyway! How much did it sell for just out of curiosity?

We’ve been researching building too. Mobile seems like the best option for us as we’re on borrowed land and not sure how many years we’ll be there. Finding a trailer that’s no longer road worthy but that we can lift onto a large flatbed is the angle right now. And we’re trying to find used/salvaged foam insulation. We already have a cool bot we can use so almost definitely use that with an ac unit.

Any advice along those lines from your research would be very helpful!

Don’t think I remember what I sold it for… maybe $5000-5500? It was a 10’x12’ with compressor and evaporator.

Good thinking about keeping it mobile! We ended up buying ours (used) with the thought that if we ever sold our farm and our buyer didn’t want it, we could easily take it apart and sell it to someone else, which is exactly what happened. So making a mobile one will also give you that option.

Have you considered one of those short (20ft is the standard I think) shipping containers? The great thing about those is you can easily spray the inside with polyurethane foam, which isn’t too expensive. But I’m sure you could find regular trailers on Kijiji, etc.

I believe Coolbot has a good step-by-step PDF on their website about insulating a trailer.

As for salvaged foam/insulation, check door manufactures, they always throw pieces of insulated door that can be put together to serve your purpose.

Thanks for the door manufacturer tip for finding insulation! Yes we’ve looked at containers but that’s probably too expensive for us right now.

Do you still have the germination chamber?

I do not, sadly. But I can help you build one. :slight_smile: