Farm for sale in Muskoka

Posting for a friend who is also an EFAO member but is not as good with technology.

"Hello Our Farming Friends:

Hope you have had a satisfying summer and your corps and sales were good. As we are getting closer to retirement, we are looking for a younger couple with farming experience to purchase our farm.

We know that there will be no problem selling our property as it is vacation waterfront property BUT would rather see it continue as a vegetable farm and that is why we are reaching out to our farming friends. If you know of a young couple with several years of farming experience – please have them contact us.

Our farm has the good farming features:

5 acres of land plus the 3-bedroom farmhouse and barn. 
We have used 2 acres for growing vegetables plus one acre for cover crops. 
There is a 20x60 … 3 season greenhouse for tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. 
There is lots of room for expanding the vegetable fields and greenhouses or grow tunnels.
We have a pond and irrigation system set up already and we front on the Magnetawan River if more water is needed.
Our soil is very good – sandy loam with no stones.  It is very well drained.
Since we are located near the river the climate is moderated, therefore the frost does not come as early in the fall.
We are not certified organic but for the past 7 years that we have been vegetable farming, we have followed organic practices (no chemical sprays or fertilizers)
We have a tremendous market as we are in an expanding cottage area – just north of Muskoka 
We sell most of our produce at our farm – open 3 half days/week (Wednesday & Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning). 
The remaining produce have been sold at the Muskoka North Good Food Co-op & Farmers Market in Emsdale.
There is potential for more farmers markets in Huntsville, Burks Falls etc. and restaurant sales
We have most equipment necessary for vegetable farming – jang seeder, roto tillers, silage tarps etc. 

If this appeals to any of your friends – please have them contact us at 705-636-7528


Ron & Pauleen"