Eco-Cert vs Pro-Cert

Just curious which certifiers people are using and why they chose one over another.

Are there any significant difference between Eco-Cert and Pro-Cert? i.e. differences in cost, application process etc.

I used Eco-cert 2008 to 2011. The forms were logical and concise and suited my bio-diversity and wild crafting. The last 3 years I was with them the inspectors were progressively more inept. I had to phone head office to quote relevant sections of the standards. Pointing out that: no there actually were no non-compliance issues according to the standards. The last year I was with them the exit form that showed up on the final report looked nothing like the carbon copy I had. I will leave it at that…a really long story. I went with CSI in 2012. The forms are more suited to large, limited crop, grain farms, but so far it has been a good choice for me.
Perhaps someone else has had a better experience with Eco-cert in the last 6 years.

I’ve been certified with both EcoCert and Procert and work extensively with farmers certified with both too. There are lovers and haters of both organizations!
The cost structure can vary somewhat, depending on the scale and nature of your operation, so it’s definitely worth getting the fee structures and working out the comparison for your own farm.
EcoCert definitely has an edge on the digital age: if you’re comfortable with spreadsheets, transmitting info via email and on-line platforms etc., it can definitely be a more streamlined process with less paperwork. On the other hand, if you’re more a pen-and-paper person, ProCert could be a better fit.
To a certain extent, all certification bodies draw on the same pool of inspectors - this may vary depending on where you farm.
Hope this helps!