Earth Tools Bedshaper

I’m wondering if anyone here has experience working with this implement: We’re looking at our options for efficient bed making and this one seems like a winner! We’re trying to refrain from sitting for long periods.


We’ve been using a rotary plow and power harrow for about 12 years and find the flexible use tools to be of bigger benefit than single use tools. If the tilth is good, the plow is great for creating raised beds and a light raking of the top of the row is sufficient for planting. If more precision planting is required, a pass with the harrow does and excellent job. Here’s a link to the plow:

Over the last couple of years, we’ve tried to reduce the tillage by using permanent rows. When we’ve need to reshape the beds, the plow puts soil from the gullies (which have been getting wood shavings and compost as mulch) back on top without tilling the planting surface. Shallow tilling is sufficient if weeds have been reasonably well controlled the year prior.

We’re rarely plowing a large plot any more and the plow seems to still find excellent utility. Just our experience, of course.

Have a great season!

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Ooh yes good point! It seems like that’s a classic combo. What’s usually your trick for keeping the lines straight when building new beds?

We mark off centres (4’ or 5’) with light stakes at both ends, start at one end, then head to the stake at the other end. Stop just before running it over and remove it before carrying on to the end. By looking over the gas cap of the tank, you can keep your target stake in sight and get a pretty straight run. On the return, the wheel is kept in the furrow you’ve just created to throw the soil up in the other direction. Takes a bit of practice and the absence of rocks or hardpan makes the job easier.

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