Drill seeder to rent near north Toronto

I have a client in the north end of Toronto (Downsview) who needs to rent a heavy duty drill seeder this spring so that we can plant into last year’s cover crop without tilling. If you are in the area, or know where we can loan one please let me know.

How much land? We are about one of the closest cash crop farms to the city I can think of (King City/ Nobleton area), that would have a no-till drill. It is almost certainly too wide at 30’ to be of much use. It would be an absolute nightmare trying to organize transport down there. Most CaseIH/John Deere etc. no-till drills are about 15’ wide, straight or a 30’ folded, so your client will most likely have to find someone with a specialized small width no-till that is willing to truck it in. I don’t know of any. There is definitely a demand for these small drills as more market gardens go no-till though so perhaps someone could make a little bit of money travelling around with one in Spring and Fall.

Also, what are they seeding? And what is the cover crop they are seeding into? If it is a winter killed cover crop, with a smaller seeded grain like clover or wheat or rye, you may be able to frost seed with a broadcaster and you should get a good stand. I’m not as familiar with frost seeding but my dad has done red clover with it many times. That is another no-till option that would be logistically easier. You would have to start thinking about doing it soon though.

@deanorr Thanks for your reply. Sorry it took me so long to see it!
The field is 10 acres so the larger equipment could work but you are right, transportation there would be tricky.
Not sure what will be planted yet this spring. Potentially Phacelia, Sorghum sudangrass, or Sunn hemp. Planting into existing alfalfa and timothy grass which is why a heavier drill is needed.

Not a problem. Well, actually 15-30’ would be pretty ideal. I stand corrected. That’s a tough spot to have 10 acres! As far as planting an annual into the perennials you already have down, you would definitely need a no-till drill. I’m sorry we cant help, but the 30km distance is a lot of space for an accident to happen, with so much traffic around. Moving equipment around King Township and Vaughan has become nerve wracking enough.
This is a little off topic, but I would think it would be tough to get the annuals established without knocking the timothy/alfalfa back some, were you going to spray a little bit to slow the grass growth?

Planting always seems to be delayed there so I think you are right, there will be too much competition. We may have to do a light surface till to get things established this year.

Good to know you are in King township though as I have other clients up there that I may want to subcontract you and your equipment for :wink:

That is usually the way it goes. Good luck!
That would be no problem, we don’t mind a little bit of custom work. We do organic and conventional so have experience with both, everything from seeding to harvesting.

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