Dried Cayenne and Ghost peppers needed ASAP

Does anyone still have dried hot peppers in storage from last season? We need about 250g of dried cayenne peppers and about 150g of dried ghost peppers for our next batch of hot pepper and honey cider. They don’t need to be certified organic. We may also be interested in purchasing a larger quantity later on of the fall 2020 harvest since our own planting may have been inadequate for our increased demand! Thanks! Call Brent Klassen at 416-527-4352 if you can help us out.

If you still need hot peppers please call 519.833.2389.
Assorted types available.

We grow Chili/Jalapeno/Maya Habanero in quantity, if you (or anyone) need these we still have some available, but not for much longer depending on the weather.