Depleted N in new vegetable plot

though i have farmed small scale my entire life i have never really had to deal with BIG soil issues. a new vegetable po tested a “N depleted”. looking at many of the plants one didnt really need to test to realize that. potash phos ph fine. have long term solutions/ideas but are there any short term (i.e. this season) fixes so that i have food? (semi-retired farmer/health care worker).
thanks marney

Hi Marney, Soils have been cooler than normal this spring, so the biological nitrogen cycle has been slow to get rolling. If the soil has adequate organic matter levels, good structure, etc., you’ll probably start seeing better results as things warm up. Having said that, you could always give things a boost with something like a liquid fish fertilizer that will provide some nitrogen and also act as a biostimulant. Pelleted hen manure (Actisol is a common brand) or bloodmeal will also release its nitrogen fairly quickly and could help heavy feeders in particular. Hope this helps!

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thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge rob - i appreciate it and will take advice!
hoping all well in your circle.