Cooperative Farm looking for land to lease or buy

We’re a four-person cooperative planning to grow organic vegetables and flowers for our community, and we’re hoping to connect with the right piece of farmland to rent or buy and equipment to get started.

We are looking for at least 3 acres of cleared, cultivable land. We’re focused on the Ottawa/Gatineau region, but we are open to amazing opportunities elsewhere.

We’re also looking for tools: a BCS tool wheel tractor and attachments, greenhouses and caterpillar tunnels, cargo van and hand tools.

If you have any leads, please get in touch at or 438-820-0366.

If you need additional support in starting your co-operative, you should check out Local Food and Farm Co-ops. They provide training, guidance and mentorships for food and farm co-ops. They could help with ideas around forming and capitalizing your farm.
Check them out at

And of course, there’s always the excellent FarmStart that can connect you to land that is available across the province: