Connecting hand pump to 5/8" garden hose

Our farm has an awesome old cast iron hand pump to access water in an underground cistern. To improve efficiency, I’d like to attach a 5/8" hose to the pump, to carry water to a barrel closer to where animal chores are done. I don’t mind using the hand pump for now, but the outlet is not threaded, but is a 3" cast iron flare on a 2.5" pipe at the outlet.

I’m thinking that a rubber coupler could attach by going over the flare, but I don’t know where to source such a thing.

Any ideas? Thanks,

There are rubber couplings available at TSC and Home Depot in the plumbing section that could fit over the flare (though I’m not sure they would have that size, but worth a look) that tighten on with a stainless strap tightener. I’ve used those once or twice for awkward retrofits. You might need another one or two adapters to finally make it fit a 5/8" hose, but should be doable!

Thanks Denis - I’ll check out what’s available at those two places. Since posting this, I’ve also remembered a place called TRI -HH (formerly Hose Headquarters) in London that has been useful in the past when we had an awkward plumbing joint to make. I also thought of getting a rubber plug, and drilling a hole through it for the 5/8" fitting.

I have a feeling there is not something off the shelf for this!

I’ve bought hose from Hose HQ, they always had pretty good prices.

If not, check out Mark’s Supply just off of Dundas as a last resort.