Chicken tractors near Uxbridge?

Anyone near Uxbridge with a chicken tractor? I’d love to take a look at one in-person before I build my own.

I was thinking about doing 50 birds in one of those Salatin style 10’ by 12’ pens but I’m not too confident it would keep predators from digging under it. Now I think I’ll have an actual enclosure to lock the birds into at night, but will do 2 separate units of 25 each because of the extra weight of the enclosure.

Any help would be much appreciated! My email is

We have been using them for years.We start the chicks inside and move them to the tractors at 2 - 3 weeks of age.They need to be feathered up .We use 1 inch welded wire as 2 inch allows raccoons to reach through and grab the small birds.Usually ends up in a dead chick.Our hold 15 mature birds so we put a larger amount in as chicks and remove them as they grow.We put wheels like lawn mower wheels on the sides at one end and handles on the other which allow us to lift the handled end up and move the tractor.We put baler belting along the bottom of the frame next to the ground which will flex for easier moving.The only major problem we have had was on our first tractor where we did not enclose one end.We had 2 inch wire and the chicks were huddled together along the side and that is where raccoons reached through and tried to pull the chicks through the wire.Had 39 one legged chicks that of course we dead.We put 1 inch wire over the 2 inch and enclosed the end and partially the sides to give the chicks a place to feel protected.they work well…Dave…

I have a smaller one that I use to raise ducklings and chicks. Have not had a problem with predators digging under it. I made it so that I could wheel it by myself. I am just north of newmarket.