Changing Gearbox oil

Hello. I have a Rotary Power Harrow and Berta plough for my BCS and was looking for information on changing the gearbox oil. I haven’t had any luck finding maintenance videos or even documents to guide me along (including the implements manuals). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

You can find general information on lubrication of implements at under the heading “Implements: Lubrication”. This covers several implements and gives specific advice on rotary ploughs and power harrows.

I can’t find our power harrow manual but we’ve typically used the guidelines Joel provides in this link and simply top up annually. It never takes much but it’s critical not to over fill.

As for the rotary plough, we do have a manual if you’d like us to scan and e-mail it to you. The lubrication portion only says " Check the oil level every 100 hours of work: with the implement positioned so the rotor axle is vertical, unscrew the red cap located on the main body of the rotary plough. Check that the oil comes out of the hole in the cap; if this does not happen add SAE 80-90 gearbox oil." Nothing on changing out the oil. " This is consistent with the advice given in the link above.

Perhaps someone more mechanically inclined can comment on the need to change gearbox oil rather than just topping out. With a sealed gearbox, it sounds like a daunting job. According to the folks at Earth Tools, "Gear oil in implements does not need to be changed much, since implement gearboxes are typically “sealed” (non-vented), and therefore moisture cannot get in. Still, it is a good idea to change gear oil every two or three years….UNLESS you switch to Synthetic gear oil, in which case you can leave the stuff in there 10 years or more…

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Thanks Jeff,

I really appreciated your detailed response. Yes, it certainly does seem daunting. I was considering it because I phoned Highland Supply this week (where I bought my equipment) and they were the ones to suggest it when I inquired. Most likely, I will check levels in both implements and top up if required. For the power harrow, where do you fill to?

Not sure if the implements came with Synthetic oil already in them (can inquire about that).

Thanks again for your help.

The harrow should be filled to about 1/2. There’s no dipstick, so make sure the harrow is level, then test the depth with a wire or something that approximates a dipstick. This is for our model as I think the newest version of the R2 should only be 1/3 full. Best to ask the dealer or give Earth Tools a call.

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