Can we market Turkeys in Ontario?

Hi Everyone,
Thought I’d ask here. Who knows what the rules are for turkeys, I’m thinking about raising a small group of 50 or less for the first time, but only if I can sell some. What I’m wondering is what are the rules with turkeys, are we allowed to actively market them?
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Maybe check with @fatoftheland, or ask Tim at Aubin Farms (not sure he’s on the forum), here is his website:

I am not up-to-date on the regulations for small flock turkeys. Turkeys are one of the supply managed sectors, so there will be restrictions around the sale of turkey without quota. I know at one time it was possible to raise and sell up to 50 turkeys without quota, but that could have changed. The best way to find out the up-to-date information is to contact the Turkey Farmers of Ontario. If you are not comfortable contacting them, then contact the National Farmers Union - Ontario. They tend to keep track of policy issues related to supply management and they may have the answer to your question. If not, they can likely find out.


I found this table on a Farm Start online document last fall. There does not seem to be any restrictions around sales only regarding number raised.