Best Soil Test for <1 Acre Market Garden

Hi folks! I’m wondering if there’s a soil test kit that you recommend for just under an acre of market garden? Or do you recommend any company in particular? I’m thinking at less than an acre it’s more cost effective to get a kit but I could be wrong.
I’m based in Ontario. 1.5hrs NW of Toronto. Thanks!

Hi Elaine,
You’ll get far more accurate and complete results by sending a sample to a soil test lab rather than buying a kit. My recommendation is A&L Labs in London. A complete mineral analysis including all the micronutrients costs less than $40. Their Vittellus Soil Health package includes both mineral and biological parameters for about $75. That probably isn’t something you’d want to invest in every year, but it’s a valuable benchmarking tool.
Hope this helps,

I just received my results. I will need help with the interpretation so I submitted for a short consult. I also went ahead and did heavy metal tests as our location was farmed from 1828 to 1995. The fields has been laying fallow or just been mowed as grass since then. We will see what we need. Please share and post your findings and I will do the same for mine.

I second A&L Labs, though personally I use SGS (and they also come out and take the sample for you!). Please don’t buy a kit, given how cheap the lab tests are, I think you would be wasting your money.

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback.
I ended up submitting a sample to AFL at UofG. Still waiting on the results. Their soil fertility package is $45 and includes pH, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Total Salts and Organic Matter .
Maybe next time I’ll use A&L and compare.