Best non-refrigerated methods for storing carrots?

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We just finished harvesting the last of our carrots, of which we kept a small portion for ourselves. :slight_smile:

I was wanting to know if anyone had any suggestions on storing them without the aid of the fridge. I have in past read stuff about storing them in a box of sand. I want to keep them from going “floppy” as long as possible.


If you can get your hands on some presentation PDFs from Zach Loeks or get in touch with him, he’s got some amazing hands on knowledge with winter storage.

Seeing his “Commercial Rootcellar Design and Storage Crop Selection: How to
Increase Farm Incomes by Marketing These Crops” presentation at the 2016 Guelp Organic Conference just blew me away.

Here is his contact info:

Rainbow Heritage Garden & Silva Permaculture Design

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Thanks for the info, @dheraud.

I was at the 2016 GOC as well and attended his opening few days talk about permaculture and he touched on some of the storage things he has done. So, that’s definitely something we want to do in the long term and Zach’s knowledge is definitely part of that. In fact, we have a decrepit root cellar building outside, circa 1856, made of stone. It needs some significant work, though.

I’d love to see a photo of that if you get a chance @beyondorganic!

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Yeah, a photo will be nice.

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Your wish is my command!

@beyondorganic Is it weird that I’m irrationally envious of your root cellar? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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No, that is completely understandable. :slight_smile:

We store carrots in a cool cellar (about 5 degrees) in boxes in damp sand. They keep until the end of March. However, 5 degree might count as almost being refrigerated!

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Nice tips here. Thanks :wink: