Barn cats looking for homes

Barn cats looking for employment. We volunteer with Barn Cat Co op and their mission is to help feral and semi feral cats find amazing farm, greenhouse,shop homes to work. They come UTD with their vaccines, fixed, and ready to work. All you need is a warm safe place to sleep, food and people to care for them. Free. Donations welcome.

BARNS URGENTLY NEEDED :deciduous_tree:

We are in urgent need of barn homes for some at risk “working cats”.


:paw_prints: All cats are spay/neutered, vaccinated, parasite treated and microchipped.

:paw_prints: We provide everything to get them started including wet and dry food, litter/boxes and cozy beds.

:paw_prints: We deliver to their new barn homes and get them set-up


:paw_prints: A fully secure area for them to acclimatize (4-6 weeks)

:paw_prints: Access to a heat source or straw

:paw_prints: Wet and dry food, and water.

:paw_prints: Care and kindness.

If you can provide a barn home to a couple of feral cats in need of safety and shelter, please PM us.

  • Please Note:

We do not place kittens, senior or domesticated cats in our barn program.