Alternatives to Neem Oil?

We’ve transplanted ourselves from the US to farm organically in Canada. South of the border, we used neem oil and DE to control flea beetles, etc. But neem appears to be illegal here, and our local garden centres say their food-grade DE has been recalled. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to use instead?

I don’t think neem oil is illegal. I could be incorrect, but it’s that it can’t be labeled and sold as a horticultural product, because no company has put it through the environmental impact testing required for products to be approved for horticultural use. I bought some organic neem oil this spring from Terra Edibles.

Bio-Ag sells food grade D.E. that we use on our farm. Their head office is in Wellesley and they have dealers and stores that carry their stuff throughout Ontario. You could give them a call. 1-800-363-5278

Whiffletree sells Neem Oil.
Raw, cold-pressed 100% neem oil from India. Michael Phillips
stresses using the raw product rather than neem extracts. It contains
trace amounts of nitrogen, phosporus, potassium, zinc, copper, iron,
magnesium and manganese as well as the fatty acid compounds
that stimulate and strengthen the trees’ immune system. The
phytochemistry of pure neem oil supplies nutrients to the foliage.
1 Litre jug
$38.95 EACH
2 Litre jug
$68.95 EACH

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